The “Other Me”: Human-Centered AI Assistance In Situ

This research is supported by the National Research Foundation Singapore under
its AI Singapore Programme (Award Number: AISG2-RP-2020-0160). Duration : April 2021 to March 2025.

Imagine a situated AI assistant embedded in your smart glasses and collaborating with you to create a novel artifact, e.g., building an Arduino smart lamp. It communicates with you through the natural language to understand your goals and preferences. It works with you to develop and execute the solution. It sees what you see from a first-person view to understand your actions and offer useful tips. It connects with other AI assistants to scale up to complex tasks, e.g., assembling or disassembling an aircraft engine, which require a team solution. AI assistants become the “other me”, an external, but situated extension of our individual minds and senses.


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Team Members

1. 2022-** Dr. Rajendiran Ramanathan (Research Scientist)